About Me


Hi! I’m ‘di’. I’m a single never married middle-aged female with no kids and an avid animal lover, especially cats!

I’ve been a techie working in the technology industry since 1996, where I have been working as a writer specializing in Web content, social media, technical writing, and blogging about technology & social media.

Earlier this year (2015) I graduated cum laude from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Manchester, where I received a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in Game Design & Development in Interactive Arts & a minor in multimedia communication.

Currently, I’m a student in the master of science marketing program at SNHU studying for an MS in Social Media Marketing where I plan to graduate in early 2017.

News and anything media related, is an obsession, as is: fine dining, art, theater, Jazz, wine, nature and relaxation. This is the truly best time of my life, -no mid-life crisis here!

I’m living a peaceful and fulfilling life in northern California with my constant feline animal companion Marley and I’m very much looking forward to, and embracing my, ‘2nd chapter’ in life, -learning all about the social media side of technology.


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