“Whaaat???”… ‘Liquid Spanx’?… -“for your face!?!?!?!”

Hey! You guys! I couldn’t wait to share this segment from CBS This Morning, that aired today. The guy in this video compared it to Liquid Spanx for the face (skin)”. I know many of us have seen this online and said to ourselves… –“yeah, right!”  I have to admit that I was skeptical about this even being real, until he explained it live on national television this morning.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary quick fix for skin tightening and that the reason it was developed was to seek alternate methods of topical gel for medicinal applications. I don’t know about you guys, but I probably will not want to ever get a face lift, or Botox injections because I fear looking Frankenstein freakish, but I like the more subtle cosmeceuticals and topical options to help me age more gracefully.

Before (left)                         After (right)

For me this is a less scary and rather exciting option to puffy and sagging body parts. I’m already overdosing on the topical vitamin C craze and I’m amazed at how my facial age spots are fading while doing that. So, this “liquid Spanx” has got me ready to try it to life my droopy upper lids, and my saggy-baggy puffy, under eye area.

While guinea pig is not one of my career  or life objectives, I’m sure that once it hits the retail mass market ans I’ve had a chance to see it actually works (on other guinea pigs) I just might give it a ‘whirl’!

Take care! -di


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