“Keep calm.com & get your ‘relaaax’ on…”


calm is a wonderful website for those who love peaceful and natural sights and sounds. It’s similar to those moments of nature on CBS Sunday Morning’s weekly broadcast on Sunday mornings.

It’s a more extended version of sounds found only in nature with calming accommodating images to provide hours of peaceful atmospheric bliss from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you want actually… -which means you are also able to access this site from mobile smart phones, too.

Feeling stressed out? Need an adult time out, or just a little bit of an escape to regroup in the middle of the work day? This would be a very nice option for perhaps, a little bit of meditation leaving those who experience this site’s calming effect. Hence, the name.

I accidentally found this website when it was part of my required resource reading material for one of my masters classes. I am so glad I did. I’ve always thought a television channel dedicated to sounds of nature was a great idea, but this is better… -it’s on demand 24/7! Enjoy! 😉

“Take care, talk soon!”  -di


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