Hair, Hair, every… -“Where!?!?!?!”


“Hey! There!”… I know I’ve been away for waaay too long from this blog and I apologize for that but, life happens and graduate school at age 56 is not exactly living the dream! Anyway, glad to be back on track and have changed my site slightly and although I will feature social media and technology issues, my original intent was to have a site dedicated to the 2nd chapter of life and all of the challenges it presents. Today, I’d like to share about ‘hair’, of the unwanted kind.

After my monthly gray, peach-fuzz removal, I almost wanted to take my graying eyebrows off with the rest of my facial hair! It’s been a real struggle these past few years and I’ve been filling my brows in with powders, gels pencils, etc… -as a result, I felt like I was losing a war on how pale, sparse and void of any humanly expression on my face! I thought about the brow-less Whoopie Goldberg look at one point, too. Nothing is more depressing than gray hair… -“everywhere”, right?

I never had thick eyebrows to begin with, so any hair there was much appreciated. I had them dyed once at the salon with some left-over dye from a root touch up, but when it began to grow out, it looked so weird and two-toned, I vowed not to dye them ever again.

Then, I found on (my FAV place to shop online!) a light brown brow tint dye kit for only $12.00 for a 6 week supply. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive and I remember all of the attempts to dye my own hair were disastrous, but I was feeling brave for some reason today.

Long story short… I took the plunge this morning and it came out really nice! Boy, was I shocked! Apparently, the (gray) brow hair that I do have was more than I remembered, since I could only see the sparse dark hairs barely… -even wearing my glasses!

I am so happy that my brows look young again! “LOL!” Well, you know it’s coming, a rousing endorsement for the Godefroy brow tint kit on


I would imagine I’ll need to closely monitor how this fades and grows out but, I think every couple of weeks would be time for a brow touch-up. About as many times as I remove my ‘stash, sideburns and beard! “Oh, joy!” Next… -I’m considering a Brazilian wax! Any thoughts? 😉

“Take care, talk soon!”  -di



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