I know just the girl for you, let me “hook you up” with Lynda(.com)!


Make a Date with Lynda(.com)…

No, I’m not a matchmaker, far from it actually! I may not be gifted in matters of the heart, but I love to get the word out about sites where folks can learn technology for “free” (my favorite price!) easily, and lynda.com is a great place to start for those just getting started in tech studies. It’s actually also a LinkedIn company, too! 🙂

For those of you YouTube(.com) lovers, you will absolutely fall in love Lynda(.com) which is an online education company, founded in 1995, that offers thousands of technical video tutorial courses, which are taught by industry experts, in software, technical creativity and business skills. the company produces online video tutorials.

Getting to know Lynda(.com)… & you won’t even have to buy her a coffee! 

Lynda(.com) is named after Lynda Weinman a U.S. business owner, computer instructor, and author, who founded the online software training web site, with her husband, Bruce Heavin in 2002. Lynda ‘self-taught’ herself computer skills, has worked in the film industry as a special effects animator, and became a faculty member at Art Center College of Design, UCLA, American Film Institute and at the San Francisco State University multimedia studies program, teaching computer graphics, animation, interactive design, and motion graphics, as well as, becoming an accomplished author. As of April 9th, 2015, acquired Lynda.com in a deal worth $1.5 billion.


…so, you really want to know whether Lynda’s a… ‘sure thing‘, -or just a ‘passing fancy‘?

Lynda.com has become so effectively popular that companies such as Adobe, Microsoft and  NBC, and select teaching institutions as USC (University of Southern California) have been utilizing this form of training as their industry standards. Courses may be accessed using desktop PCs, mobile phones or tablets.



The mobile site has free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and you can even switch devices without ever losing your place! To many who are technologically challenged, this is a very unique and important feature in the event your battery dies on one of your devices! I absolutely ‘love‘ this feature! And if you are an Annual Premium member, you even will be able to view content offline, as well as online! Trust me, for online learning these are awesome aspects in distance learning!


Could Lynda(.com) be “the One“!?!?!? …-you never know!

You never know for sure with some chicks, but Lynda(.com) could be considered a classy long-term commitment kind of girl! For sure! With so many people accustomed to more fast paced online learning opportunities, Lynda.com is a great way to learn and quickly and here’s why:


So, you never know, Lynda(.com) could be “the one” for you… as well as many others who would be worthy of a great and innovative way to learn new technology, creative and business skills that employers are seeking! Seriously! It doesn’t get any easier than this, folks! Watch a video and learn! Yep! It’s a ‘no-brainer’!

And just so that you know… -only the seriously minded, committed types need apply… -“Dude!” Lynda(.com) is ‘not’ into “players“!

Learn how to try lynda(.com) for FREE!!!


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