At a Glance ‘Blogging’ & ‘Micro-blogging’ (tweeting)

“The Joys of Tweeting!”

‘Tweeting’, -it’s for ‘everyone’!

I recently found a good article on Adweek’s Social Times featuring Passion Digital’s 23 Best Practices (for Twitter users), circa 2014, that still apply a year later. I mean seriously, I “am” one of those ‘older’ folks who balked at a Twitter account and professed that I don’t know that many people in mid-life as I once did during my social clubbing years to benefit from using Twitter. When I stepped out of that very fun lifestyle, I lost 90% of my friends, which makes tweeting for me a non-issue. After all, who would I send these tweets to, and who cares about my perspective opinions on anything? I’m old! “Hahaha!” 😉

Tweeting as ‘micro-blogging’

I learned quite a bit from reading Mark Schaefer’s, “The Tao of Twitter” and was so inspired by the concept of tweeting (or ‘micro-blogging’) that I also bought his other book on ‘blogging’, too, “Born to Blog”! Both are great reads, and I highly recommend both his books. But, I felt kind of stupid having to read a book on what the benefits tweeting were and how to do it when kids half my age are doing so without having read a book, first! ‘Embarrassing’, or what? :-/

Tweeting @ a glance…

After reading Schaefer’s book on Twitter, I still felt that I needed to explore tweeting more for technique’s sake, now that I had the Tao ‘theory’ mastered. That’s why I am sharing the following info-graphic with you, “Passion Digital’s 23 Best Practices” (for Twitter users), before I continue on in discussing the joys of ‘blogging’ (below). I found it rather entertaining with a much more condensed, user-friendly version for us ‘tweet-ing’ beginners, and I hope you do, too…  “Enjoy!” 🙂


“Blah, Blah, Blah”… -“B-B-B-Blogging!”

Twitter is like a calling card. Facebook is like a phone call. But, Blogging is like a full-fledged conversation!
Twitter is like a calling card. Facebook is like a phone call. But Blogging, is like a full-fledged conversation!

Blogging, -for real! …So, get real! 

I’m only a beginner blogger but I wanted to find out more about blogging, so I looked for a best practices guide for that too, and I stumbled across Stephanie Ling’s article “SEO Starter Guide:10 Blogging Best Practices” from last year (2014) on “Powered by Search” about SEO (Search Engine Optimization, and how your website can be seen by people who want to look you up using a Web/Internet search engine like Google, for example). I discovered after reading it, that all blogging takes is a little bit of that old-fashioned common sense and some manners, really. I know, right? Who knew?

Blogging by the Numbers:

  1. Quality Over Quantity. The content that you write as a blogger, is very important, so it has to be of high quality, be credible and customized for your site’s theme, or message. When creating content think of the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your content should be designed to be informative, to be able to teach the audience on your message, while the other 20% can be related more to products/services, and promotion thereof.
  2. But, Quantity still Matters. So, post well, regularly and often to maintain your audience. How often? As often as you’d want to be found, actually! It is important to consistently publish content where your blog or website contains fresh content to look at. Because, the more recent and relevant the content, your audience will maintain interest.
  3. The Right Words are Key. Ever hear of a ‘key word’ search? Neither did I until I began looking for jobs and was stunned that no one actually reads my resume, and that  they only find me by doing a ‘key word’ search online! Shocker! -Seriously! That is the same way to look at your blog, by using the key words that can be recognized by varied and numerous search engines. Also, check spelling, grammar etc., to deter away from the audience becoming too distracted by the smallest of details, because they will notice!
  4. Less is More. …and I’m not just talking about ‘perfume or make-up’, dahling! Keeping your site ‘clean’ is a way not to overwhelm your audience with too much information. Be generous with menus and links, use title separations and easy to glance at graphics and images. After all, blogs should be informative but not take too much of an effort to look at or read through. I’m not saying people are lazy, but… -I’m just sayin’!
  5. Keep URLs Short & Sweet! Remember not everyone is familiar with URLs and the longer the link, the more likely your audience won’t feel inclined to ‘share’ your content with anyone. Using links instead of long URL addresses is a way for people to share your site/content on social media. If you can, use specifically designed social media buttons that lead to popular social media sites for ease of sharing for your audience. Remember, they aren’t lazy, but…
  6. Make the Most of Your ‘Meta-tags’. We’re talking HTML here, folks. “Ugh!” I know, right? So, this is the ‘not-so-fun’ part of blogging! I won’t go into too much detail here, because not all bloggers use HTML code language when using the online sites like WordPress or Wix, for their blogs. But, this is covered in greater detail in this article, under best practice #6.
  7. Put a ‘Face’ to a ‘Name’. A photo of the blogger (you!) and a byline describing (you!) goes a long way in making your blog more credible and humanistic. Because, let’s face it, -you are not a ‘bot’, right? So, you want your audience to feel as if they are able to relate to you. Also, a display of authorship promotes respectability, and many people trust bloggers opinions, advice, etc. Therefore, you want to convey that what you write is not only compelling, but, also true, because you have ‘integrity’ as a blogger. Or at least that’s the goal!
  8. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… “It is!” Seriously, which blog would you read? A ‘wall of words continuum’ or a blog with a lot of “fun” things to look at like, “media, video, graphics, images, audio, interactivity, etc…???” …”Exactly!” However, don’t overwhelm your audience either, as 1-4 images is plenty of “fun” things, on average.
  9. Sharing is Caring. Keep the “Six Degrees of Separation” theory in mind for this step, where we are able to interact with anyone on this planet in connecting with 6 people, or less. The power of social media is increasing exponentially, and… “Dude! You want to ride that rad wave, riiight?” So sharing content has never been more important, or popular. Take advantage of social media ‘sharing’ and make your site content as easy to share as possible. Installing custom buttons is a must now! Again, -just sayin’! 😉
  10. Treat Others the Way You Would Like to be Treated. I’m not trying to lay all “10 Commandments” on you, but… there is a certain etiquette to blogging that will either ‘make’ or ‘break’ your message, reputation and perhaps your following, -in a heartbeat! So, be kind, watch your tone and reciprocate/interact often by responding to your audience. Be patient, explain and educate, and… -have ‘fun’ in doing so! People tend to like ‘fun’ stuff, so be ‘fun’, upbeat and positive, but also develop your own recognizable voice, too. Also, if you want your sources to link to you, you also need to link to them, as well, while you promote each other’s sites.

Blogging is a 2-way street, so if your audience senses even for a moment that they named a 1-way street after you, your blog will not garner the attention that you seek. Because you also need to be an active participant. Blogging is a commitment. So if you’re not in it for the long haul, and give it the full attention it deserves, you may want to rethink why you want to blog in the first place.

Blogging is a written full length conversation without the luxury of a face-to-face interaction. So you’d better be writing about what you enjoy to fully benefit from this experience.

If you lack social grace, then, better to buy a ‘Miss Manners’ book of etiquette and brush up on how to ‘re-connect’ with people. Because, ‘blogging’ is very much a ‘people business’. Again… -just sayin’!

“Good luck & don’t forget to have ‘fun’ blogging!”


7 thoughts on “At a Glance ‘Blogging’ & ‘Micro-blogging’ (tweeting)

  1. I love how you absolutely draw people in with your one liners! Don’t worry about never “tweeting” at any age…I’m just fresh of 26 and had never even looked at Twitter…so The Tao of Twitter…was a whole movement for me in why it is a good idea to invest in…I believed it was something useless…and now I’m starting to come around! 😉 Great end to your blog for class! Hope you keep up with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Wow!” Thanks, Cassandra! I found this blog was limited to what we studied in class and I struggled with the content, because it really wasn’t the kind of content I wanted to write about in my blog. But, who says you can’t write more than one blog, right? I’m afraid my audience (the folks in this class) will disappear after this class ends, so I really want to transition it back to something that personally relates to me, my age, generation and the things I find interesting. But, I’m afraid to change it too much since I heard this blog was part of the capstone project for our masters program. Did you hear the same? Yeah! LOL! I’m a one-liner kind of personality! Thanks, again for all the kind words and support! Btw-I moved from Massachusetts to California at age 26! Been here ever since! But, I do miss “26”I have to admit! LOL! 😉


    2. Hi Chapter2club,

      Another great blog. I love how I can really understand your personality through your writing. Maybe even a bit of sarcasm. Much like Cassandra and yourself, I never blogged or used Twitter before this class either. I was also uninterested in Twitter as a form of social media but now I understand its value. I love the tip about only using 2 hastags in a Twitter post. I also wrote about this in my blog this week. I guess most people did get the tip since you see so many posts with what looks like 100 hashtags. Anyway, it has been great to ready your blog throughout.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Once again, I enjoyed reading this. I especially liked the blogging piece. Writing a blog is what scared me the most about this marketing class. I had set up a twitter account prior to the class, but I had never used it. I was so confused as to where to start. Mark Schaefer’s book helped me figure it out and I will have to look into his book about blogging. I hope you continue you on with your blog. I always look forward to the read!

    Liked by 1 person

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