Literally doing ‘Cartwheels’ over Target’s app!


An app to really get excited about! 

I love this app!

There is an app that is highly used at Target stores that I only found out about within the past year, it’s a Target app called ‘Cartwheel’. Target employees excitedly told me about this app while I was browsing the 75% off clearance rack, late last summer. It allows customers to scan Target items for an additional 15% – 20% discount off, including already discounted merchandise. I saved nearly 90% off with the clearance price and the Cartwheel discount combined! “Wow!” This is an awesome app, and it saved me a lot of money! Thank you, Target! 😀

How it works                        

After downloading the Cartwheel app from either Google Play for Android mobile smartphones, or the Apple app Store for iPhones, it is a convenient, “Choose” – “Scan” – “Save” process. ‘Choose’ from hundreds of offers in every category, ‘Scan’ the printed or mobile barcode at the point of purchase and checkout and ‘Save’ on discounted and non-discounted items. Yes.  It is that easy! Gotta love Target!


Morphing into a social media mobile app

As with many retailers Target isn’t in the business of creating a social media page of it own. Therefore, on the Cartwheel site customers are able to choose which social media page they would like to sign into to start saving: Facebook, Google+, or Target (where either Facebook or Google+ would provide a ‘fun’ social media experience to share with others). It also doesn’t hurt that Facebook recently gained recognition as the single most largest social media site on the planet according to a recent article!

The Cartwheel by Target Facebook page is a highly stylized shopping page and clearly advertises the over 1,000,000+ members strong! Facebook allows you to “Send to Mobile” from their site and edit accordingly. It also includes a video on how to download and use Cartwheel:

Cartwheel can also earn points and discounts on Target’s REDcard and can be combined with store and manufacturer coupons using the same scanning method into the Cartwheel app, where the savings continue to add up for Target customers.

I usually don’t get this excited over an app, because I’m only beginning to use a Smartphone now in mid-life. But, “omg!” this app is so easy to use, it ties into social media to be able to share with your friends and it’s a’ no-brainer’ to download.

“So easy a ‘dog’ could do it? …-WOOF!”

If you’re not downloading the Target Cartwheel app (Android or Apple) and actively using it, -you should be. Because this is going to save you some ‘serious’ money & savings on your next shopping trip to Target, folks.

This is coupon clipping, -21st century style! Believe me it’s so simple, -you ‘want’ this and you can ‘do’ this! Now ‘this’, is an amazing app, and apparently many people think so, too… -just look at the savings:


“Happy shopping!” 😉


9 thoughts on “Literally doing ‘Cartwheels’ over Target’s app!

  1. I just want to say Thank You!! I had no idea this app existed. I love Target and my kids really love Target. I will be downloading this app along with sharing this blog and app with my friends. Who knew? I love savings!!!! My goal when shopping is trying to see just how much money I can save from coupons to clearance sales I love it.

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      1. I as well want to say thank you! I’ve never been a big Target shopper because some of their items seemed so expensive! One of my new neighbors (and one of my shopping gf’s) LOVES Target and swears by it, I’m sure if she doesn’t already know about this app she will be in heaven! Great blog post!!

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  2. This was a great blog! I am aware of the app but don’t have it myself. I don’t venture to Target too often because it seems I am always spending money I didn’t mean to…OOPS!! I have noticed when out with friends that use the app how much longer it keeps you in the store! Way to go Target marketing team. I once went with my friend just to pick up a few items. Like literally 3! She had to scan every item into the app and every item she thought about purchasing. We were there for almost 45 minutes and still only had about 5 items. I think this app is great and who doesn’t love saving money but it is time consuming especially if you are in a space where Wi-Fi or phone service is not wonderful … which seems to be most large department stores. Just some general feed back for the app!

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    1. Thanks, holin8r! I know what you mean, my Android has limited data storage and sometimes the Wifi connection is not the best, epecially the Target provided Wifi. But, I really love the savings overall. The last time I went and couldn’t get a connection, a Target employee scanned my purchase into their phone so that I could get the discount! “Sweet!” Gotta love Target! 🙂


  3. Again, wow! I am downloading this app before I the next time I go to Target! I’m all for deals and if this can save me more at Target, there’s not questioning it. I can’t believe it’s not more popular. Thanks so much for sharing this app.


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