An ‘Upwardly Mobile’ Social Media App

Keek mobile app available for free on Google Android and Apple iOS
Keek mobile app available for free on Google Android and Apple iOS

Gaining in Popularity

If you like using Twitter and watching YouTube and Vine, then you’re going to love ‘Keek’! It’s a video messaging service app (application) designed for mobile phones. It’s a video version of Twitter that is used to record and share video status updates of up to 36 seconds, which can be share directly with other Keek users, or posted to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and a personal profile web page and is compatible on both Google Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

Video updates are a high growth area on mobile phone technology and are driven by the demand in micro mobile video apps, primarily for Apple IOS and Android phones. Keek enables users to conveniently send quick and short video messages using their mobile phones.

A ‘Micro Video’ App for Smartphones

These video updates invite others to record short video messages using their video camera phones to share with others. Each 36 second micro video that is recorded is called a ‘video status update’. This is how Keek compares to Twitter that uses a 140 character tweet format and often referred to as a ‘micro blog’. Keek is considered a ‘micro-video’ app and a visual social network for smartphones.

How it works

Keek is a short video version of what Twitter is for words and text. It gives the user the capability to record and share video status updates of up to only 36 seconds. Keek users of this app record their video message by looking into their phone’s camera and talking, or recording whatever they want.

Get the App!  

Then they are able to click and post a video status update called a ‘keek’, then forward their Keek to post onto Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or your personal page directly on Then, users can follow and comment on each other’s material posted onto Keek also has a lot of Twitter-like features, such as @mentions in its comments on video updates.


3 thoughts on “An ‘Upwardly Mobile’ Social Media App

  1. Hm, it’s getting easier and easier for anybody to become online stars these days. I think it’s a cool app for those that like to be more vocal, versus those that like to just type and not have a face out there. It’s a great alternative and I can see it catching on like Twitter, eventually. 🙂 I’ll be checking out the app and sharing with friends!


  2. I have to say that this is a new app to me. I have not heard of Keek before today. This will be one to share with my daughter and figure it out together. She loves YouTube and Vine. Thanks for sharing the information.

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