Professional Networking: Facebook or LinkedIn?

Is Facebook or LinkedIn the better option?

In My Humble Opinion

I’ve been using LinkedIn to showcase my professional work history, resume and portfolio for years, and I have used Facebook for about the same length of time, perhaps longer, for my personal recreational entertainment and centralized personal communications, for a lot longer. But, I have to admit, I never once thought to use Facebook on a ‘professional’ level, as I use LinkedIn.

I’ve become quite skilled with using LinkedIn after all of these years. I’ve even gained a status as an ‘expert’ user, when I began to add my multimedia creations and my writing samples. I felt so proud. I felt like some kind of ‘power user’, or something. I always wanted to learn how to fully utilize LinkedIn to better promote my skills to potential employers. Recently, I was satisfied to finally reach that much coveted goal.

So, which is better, Facebook or LinkedIn?

Oh, No! Not ‘Options’!… -Again!

Seriously, doesn’t everyone have a LinkedIn account, and isn’t it always after you’ve completely mastered using a site, when a plethora of other ‘wanna-be-the-next-coolest-thing’ sites have to jump into the fray, like a bunch of little hyperactive puppies, and ruin everything, giving people “options”? …”sigh!”

It gently ‘forces’ you to pensively opt into creating yet another profile in cyberspace for fear that potential employers will stop looking at LinkedIn! “What? I’m no longer on the professionally “cool” site anymore? OMG! NO! Say it ain’t SO!!!”… “sigh!” Yes. It’s frustrating even for the most experienced ‘social media’ followers, too.

It’s true. Especially for us older folks (yes, I am over that proverbial hill, too) who diligently try to keep up with all of the technical and social media online trends. This is no easy task, and a little confusing too, actually! To even complicate matters further, my favorite social media site for all my leisurely online play time is going all ‘professional’ on me, now? “Whaaaaat!?!?!?!” (sigh!). Where’s that “unfriend” button, just when you need it most? By the way, Zuck, (Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO) we’re still awaiting development on that, too!

Will I have to create a professional profile on ‘Facebook for Professionals’, as soon as possible? What if employers all gravitate over to use Facebook as the new standard for seeking out new talent? Where does that leave me if I don’t join Facebook Professional? I would really hate to be in an interview and be asked why I am not using the latest and greatest mode of business social media to profile my skills. That could be a make or break moment for consideration for a great position, or at a reputable company. Really social media has ‘that’ much power? …”Wow!” …”Unlike!”

What makes Facebook for Professionals better than LinkedIn, or vise-versa?

The Facts

Well, LinkedIn is one of the largest sites at 300 million users worldwide and has a large ‘active’ following. Whereas, Facebook has a much larger following than LinkedIn, but are attempting to capitalize off of their 900 million (not always active; not always serious) casual users. Which leads me to believe that the old adage of quality over quantity applies here. LinkedIn has a longstanding reputation as a serious business site for employers to seek qualified employees and for employees to gain credibility in being proficient users of social media.

I’m not suggesting that Facebook would not be a serious contender in this area. I’m simply saying to ‘proceed with caution’. Facebook is new to this social media arena, which means they need time to cultivate an audience and a ‘following’. Then there is the concern that since so many people ‘play’ on Facebook, could this actually be an effective and reputable outlet for displaying one’s career aspirations publicly? As a loyal LinkedIn member, how’s does Facebook intend to compete with LinkedIn’s online profile holders, where users are 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities simply by having a profile on LinkedIn?

                Facebook and LinkedIn by the numbers.

In Defense of Facebook

In their defense, Facebook is on the right track and they almost always have to keep seeking different ways to maintain social media competitiveness, social interest and mass appeal for their own survival. That’s just the nature of social media and technology in general, in today’s modern society. We, as a society, are fickle with a short attention span, too. So, all that is subject to change at a moment’s notice.

Facebook’s strategy is on point and perfectly timed to earn some serious business credibility as they maneuver away from all that Facebook “fun” and “escapism” from reality that we all really, really, really enjoy! Perhaps their intention is to make business more “fun”? “Great strategy, Zuck!” 😉 <wink!>

The ‘Next Great Site’ Syndrome… 

Social media itself isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either. In fact, it’s here to stay. You haven’t seen anything yet! It’s only in its infancy right now, but… -“no worries” there’ll be plenty of time to agonize over the tidal wave of sites giving us options and agony over which site to join and which to forfeit.

It all equates to trends. What’s hot, and what’s not, and that is where our boredom drives each wave to our personal social media shores. That’s right, our fickleness, our boredom and our addiction for the next ‘latest and greatest’ thing is just what is driving us to be inundated with so many site choices presented to us, constantly!

The one important thing that will separate the legitimate sites from the “wanna-be’s” will inevitably be the usability factor. The total and most simplified user experience. How easy is it to join the site, to set up an account, to create a profile, to add media, to customize, to maintain it, to communicate using it, to broadcast it, also, is it secure and interactive? Is it guaranteed to gain in popularity? Also who, if anyone is actually using it? Not everyone is proficient with technology. I know. I know. …”Shocker!”.

But, seriously, these sites have to be simplistic, fast and easy with overwhelming mass appeal. If that can be achieved, then, “hey, Facebook”… we can have some real “fun”! 😉 <wink!>

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13 thoughts on “Professional Networking: Facebook or LinkedIn?

  1. Hi Chapter2club,

    I found your post very interesting. I use LinkedIn but I am in no way proficient at it. I use it to keep my resume up to date and stay in touch with past employers and potential new ones. It’s pretty basic. I don’t post articles or anything like that. However, I do read articles posted by others once in a while. I am an avid Facebook user but I do a lot more “creeping” than posting. By creeping I really just being nosy and seeing what others are up to. It does help me to keep in touch with old friends and learn about new ones but like you I have never considered it to be a professional business site. In fact, most often you hear “Be careful what you post on Facebook, anyone can see it.” Event with security settings their are ways to get around and see what others don’t want you to. Because of this, I would be hard pressed to use this as a professional networking site. How do you jump from pictures of college kids at a keg to that same person’s resume? Your view is already tainted. Like you, I won’t say it will never happen but Facebook has some serious work to do if they would like to really compete in this field.

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    1. I totally agree with you holin8r! Facebook has to earn a lot more credibility and loyalty to even compete in this market! As far as the LinkedIn profile… -many folks who are gainfully employed tend not to be too involved in maintaining their profiles. But, if you ever need assitance, please let me know! Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn:


  2. Diana,
    Great post! I unfortunately have not jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon…I have an account and it has the bare minimum of what needs to be there because I just have not taken the time to really see what it’s about. I’ve never been big on bragging about my accomplishments and such but I guess that is something you have to do when you are really pushing for the next level in your career. Although I do have Facebook and do have a what I guess you could say is a professional page that I used to use as a portfolio page but have not kept up with it in some time. I’ll have to seek your help for LinkedIn! 🙂


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    1. Thank you very much Cassandra! Definitely! Let me know if you ever need help with your LinkedIn account, it looks more overwhelming than it actually is, as most job promotion sites. I’m originally from Springfield, MA and have lived in California since 1986 and I also used to feel uncomfortable promoting my skills, but here in competitive California, it’s not an option. The difference between east and west coast culture is so opposite. I am curious now about the Facebook Professional site, will be checking that out over the weekend. Thanks again! -di 🙂


  3. Awesome blog! I too took a similar stance comparing the differences between Facebook and Linkedin ( I also managed threw Twitter into the mix as well). But I really believe that Linkedin will continue to sustain an advantage in the professional industry because they were a first mover and they have already absorbed a pretty large portion of the market. Sure, Facebook defiantly has a much larger user base but it would be very interesting to see what would happen if decided to being to compete with Linkedin.

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    1. Thank you! I believe I looked at your blog to get that idea, actually. So much for originality! hahaha! I also believe in LinkedIn’s longevity, as the older more established sites have earned their loyal following. I think Facebook has a long road ahead of them in order to be taken seriously, which is in large part due to it’s casual approach in it’s participation. Thanks, Garrett! …and remember that imitation is the most sincerest forms of flattery! hahaha! 🙂

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  4. Great post. I finally joined LinkedIn today. I have been putting it off, but finally went online. I can see where users have LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Personally I see Facebook as more of a friends and family tool as well as following businesses that have products I like. I can see where LinkedIn is there for the workforce, not only to network, but to find potential employees and employers.

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  5. Great first blog. I too am “over the hill.” I had always thought that I should use Linkedin to enhance my professional career but have been hesitant due to my inexperience in social media. Based on your information, I still feel that Linkedin is more of a professional platform while Facebook is a personal platform. I will be setting up a linkedin profile soon. As soon as I can get a decent head shot!

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  6. Wow, great post! I think it makes great sense that Facebook would gravitate towards using it as a professional connection site. I’m finding that clients or employers are wanting to get to know who they’re working with on a more personal level. If you create that professional page, you give the client/employer a sense of connection, but you can still control the level of information you’d like to share with them. It’s a different “atmosphere” on Facebook, than on LinkedIn. Both are great for businesses though!


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